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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

* Magic Kingdom - Symphony Of War (Limited Edition) (2010)

Gênero: Power Metal
Origem: Belgium / Belgica


Olaf Hayer - Vocals (Dionysus (Swe), Luca Turilli, Lord Byron (Deu), Chryztyne, Treasure Seeker, Aina, Symphonity)
Roma Siadletski - Vocals (Iron Mask)
Dushan Petrossi - Guitars (Iron Mask)
Vassili Moltchanov - Bass (Cryme, Shah, Iron Mask)
Philippe Giordana - Keyboards (Fairyland)
Freddy Ortscheid - Drums (Thornium)

Track List:

CD1 - Symphony Of War

01. Symphony Of War
02. We Rise
03. Million Sinners World
04. Evil Magician
05. In The Name Of Heathen Gods
06. Monte Cristo
07. I'm A Lionheart
08. Sleeping Beauty (Bonus Track)
09. No Mercy For The Enemy (Bonus Track)
10. Unholy Abyss

CD2 - Metallic Tragedy - Chapter 2: The Holy Pentalogy

I. Through The Sea Of Ice Quest For The Holy Light
II. Before The Apocalypse War Of The Black Angels
III. At The Gates Of The Last Mystic Dragon Land
IV. Resurrection Of The Wizard With The Gods Of Egypt On Our Side

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