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Monday, 17 January 2011

* Warcry - Revenge In Blood (2010)

Gênero: Heavy Metal
Origem: Germany


Martin “The Almighty” Knötzele - Vocals (Putrescent (Deu))
Andreas “The Axeman” Kladziwa - Guitar
Jens “The Gravewarrior” Plappert - Guitar
Daniel “Roaring Thunder” Fitz - Bass
Tiemo “The Crusher” Durm - Drums

Track List:

1. Pure Force of Steel
2. In Battle For Vengeance
3. Awakening The Cemetary
4. Bloody Black Axe
5. A Tavern Ride
6. Knights Of The Dark Blade
7. Deathrider
8. The End - Dawn Of A New Age
9. Infernal Triumph
10. The Revenge (True Heavy Metal Trilogy Part III)
11. Banshee

Total Playing Time 49:18

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