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Sunday, 20 March 2011

* Leshak - Chertovorot (2009)

Gênero: Thrash, Folk Metal
Origem: Rússia
Informações:mp3, 320 kbps

Track List:

1. На заре (At Sundawn) (Intro)
2. Еловая кора (Firtree´s Bark)
3. Лешачьими тропами (By the Paths of Leshak)
4. Чертоворот (Chertovorot)
5. Шуликуньи пляски (Shulikuns´ Dances)
6. "Стоят леса тёмные от земли и до неба..."
("Dark Forests are from the Land up to Sky"
7. Потьма (Sunset) (Outro)
8. Was wollen wir trinken (Bonus track)

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